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 SANDbox Plan for 2023-24


The program we call “SANDbox” is an additional hour to our normal school day. Due to COVID safety protocols the following measures have been put into place as we open the program in October through May. 


  • SANDbox takes place from 12–1pm on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.  A late fee of $20 will be charged for pick up’s after 1:10pm.


  • The cost is $10 per day. The registration will take place online each month and will be open for a designated time frame.  An email notification will go out when registration is open. The charge will show up in your monthly tuition.


  • Space is limited. Spaces will be filled on a first come, first served basis.  There will be no drop in’s.


  • Children can only attend SANDbox on a day that they are already at SAND.


  • Children will remain in the same area and with the same students and staff that they are with during the normal day.  There may be a staff member who “floats” between groups if needed.


  • Children will eat lunch (outside as long as weather permits) at the beginning of SANDbox and then conclude their day with appropriate activities and play.


  • Lunches should come to school with everything labeled including all containers and lids.  Lunches should consist of items that children can easily open and eat on their own.  Remember we are a NUT FREE school.


  • Dismissal procedures are the same.

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