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2024-25 Tuition & Fees


  • Registration Fee (charged annually; nonrefundable):

    $100 for first child / $50 for each additional child

  • May 2025 Tuition Payment (nonrefundable)


  • Activity Fee (charged annually; nonrefundable): 
    $75 for first child / $50 per additional child

  • August Prorated Tuition  /  September Tuition

2024-25 Tuition Schedule













**Registration fees, May 2025 tuition and the activity fee are NONREFUNDABLE for any reason.**

Registration payments are made by bank draft or credit card through our ProCare Online Registration.

Monthly tuition payments are made by auto draft through our ProCare Tuition Express System.

Exceptions cannot be made regarding tuition for absences, illness, inclement weather or school closings.  This includes COVID-19 related issues. 

Children under 2 are only allowed to attend SAND 2 days per week as mandated by Bright From the Start.

Tuition is due on the first Friday of the month. A late fee will be applied to any tuition paid after the 15th of each month.  Use of the online ProCare platform is required for all tuition payments.

Multiple child discount

If you have additional children enrolled in the program, you will receive a 10% discount for the second child and 20% discount for the third child.

Late pick-up fee

A late pick-up fee of $20 will be charged after 12:10 pm if attending 9 am -12 pm or after 1:10 pm if attending “SANDbox”. Late charges will be auto drafted the same day. Repeated late charges may result in your child being dropped from the program.



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